Bayern live in controversy with the coach’s clothes, says the newspaper

What stage is Bayern Munich going through? Outside the “G4” of the German championship and without winning the first four games, which has not happened for 20 years, even the coach’s clothes are troubling the backstage of the club. According to the German newspaper “Bild”, the sight of Julian Nagelsmann, the young coach of the Bavarians, on the edge of the field, upset the board.

Escaping the European standard, wearing a formal dress with a jacket and shirt, Nagelsmann is used to being bold in his playing clothes and ends up attracting attention. A fact added to the team’s bad phase in the Bundesliga, not satisfied with Bayern’s leadership.

The coach follows the guidelines for the use of clothing produced by the sponsors of the club, but the style is not evaluated internally. “This is not a fashion show, football is not that kind of show,” one of the sources quotes in the report.

Having managed just two clubs in his career before joining Bayern, Nagelsmann is familiar with the criticism and distrust of fans and the German press, and his resignation is already being considered.

With 12 points after seven rounds of the German championship, Bayern occupies the fifth place in the table, outside the qualification zone for the Champions League. Faced with the poor form of the team, which was once dominant in German football, much of the criticism for the poor performance fell on the coach, only 35 years old.

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