Arnaldo Zenkner’s women’s basketball team plays state games

The São Paulo State Schools Games will take place from September 24 to 30 in Aguas de Lindoia

The women’s basketball team from the Municipal Elementary School Arnaldo Zenkner, in Catanduba, will participate in the National School Games of São Paulo (JEESP). Organized by the state government, the competition will be held from September 24 to 30 Aguas de Lindau-SP.

Cities such as Franca, Marilia, São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo, Proiba, Ribeiro Preto, Soroka and Taubata also participate in JEESP.

The girls from Katandov are in the final stage of the competition and compete in the junior category. Athletes Bianca Gonçalves de Souza and Gaeta Barbosa Franzin are part of the team, which also plays in the municipal basketball team.

In addition to them, the students Beatriz Peroz do Prado, Lavinia dos Santos Fabri, Yasmin Camila dos Santos Muriel, Carina Lima do Nascimento, Amanda dos Santos de Oliveira, Clara de Souza Rodríguez dos Santos, Luana Oliveira Bras, Tina Vitoria and Ana Laura Britoria Coelo Olimpio make up the group

The students are encouraged by the teachers and the school management, which makes the school building available to them for training during class breaks and after school hours. According to the school’s coordinator, Eliana Perpetua Frigerio, the girls’ participation has a positive effect on the rest of the students, and encourages participation in sports and healthy competition.

“Sports practice keeps children and teenagers away from drugs, increases students’ cognitive ability, brings several health benefits, socialization, contributes to the prevention of social problems. Therefore, this practice is very important within schools, because this sport, as long as it works in a pedagogical way, can To bring some advantages, such as developing a spirit of leadership, respect among them, being a tool that can make a difference in students’ learning,” he emphasizes.

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