Allerg approves a project that organizes an amnesty; There will be a meeting on Wednesday

The Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro (Allerge) approved, today (22), the bill 6.118/22 which allows, among other things, the return of organized supporters to sports events. It was written by deputies Carlos Mink (PSB), Zeidan (PT) and Luis Paulo (PSD), and received almost 30 amendments.

However, the provision is subject to a new agreement with the competent authorities. There are points requested by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Rio de Janeiro, such as the measure that does not apply “to individuals and supporters that a judicial decision is not punished for illegal acts” and the formulation of a new behavior adjustment range (TAC).

A meeting will be held next Wednesday. The meeting will be attended by representatives of the Member of Parliament, the Military Police, the Public Defender’s Office, the Legislative Authority, the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB) and supporters.

Representatives of organized groups from Botafogo, Flamengo, Fluminense and Vasco accompanied the vote and carried banners with slogans such as “amnesty now”, “against violence, discrimination and for the right to cheer” and “the responsibility of the CPF and not the CNPJ”.

Just before the start of the event, they sang the famous “O champion” by Neguinho da Beija-Flor and songs like “We are not marginal, freedom to cheer” and “Alerj é minha”, a parody of “O Maraca”. He is ours.”

Organized by Alerj - Alexandre Araújo / UOL Esporte - Alexandre Araújo / UOL Esporte
Photo: Alexandre Araújo / UOL Esporte

At the start of the agenda, the president of Allerge, Andre Ceciliano (PT), announced that the agenda would move to the last part of the list due to some necessary adjustments with the public office, which requested a new adjustment of the behavior period (TAC) so that the vote could take place today. Fan members participated in the discussion.

After the conversation, the tone of optimism was heard and it was noted that a door was opened with the authorities for negotiations. Despite the need for new steps, there was celebration for the stage the agenda is at, in addition to criticism of the TAC planned in 2011 and praise for the role of organized advocates.

“This is not the victory we hoped for, but with this project that I am the author of, and I called Congressman Carlos Mink and Andre Ceciliano, we want an amnesty for the organized supporters for all the organized supporters who were punished by the TAC made in 2011, completely unconstitutional, with no right of defense for fans and organizations. The punishment reached the organizations, and not the citizen who committed an illegal act. Dr. Rodrigo Terra himself, who was very strong against the amnesty, proposed this meeting so that we could produce a new, more coherent TAC, which guarantees the right of the fans, which respects democracy and the right of defense,” she said Rosangela Zeida, for UOL Esporte.

“Here at Allerge we have been discussing football issues for some time. I was the writer of the Lei da Geral, when the administration of the Maracanã, Lei da Gag and the day of the fans were discussed. Here at home exactly through a democratic process,” he added.

The project provides for the establishment of the State Council of Supporters of Rio de Janeiro (CETORJ) which, according to the document, will be “a collegial body that, together with the National Association of Organized Supporters (ANATORG), will be responsible for the inspection, mediation and preparation of actions to enforce compliance with the general guidelines the provisions of this law”.

In addition, he creates Casas do Torcedor, “spaces directed by CETRJ and ANATORG intended for: I – integration and organization of fans; II – mediation in conflicts: a) that can be used for percussion workshops; b) scenography; c) execution of social projects; d) ) exhibitions; e) social and psychological assistance services; f) among other activities.”

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