A quiet place The creatures explained

After two long, a quiet place There are still many mysteries to be answered, but at least some more of the monsters were explained in the second movie.

The idea of ​​a species of creature that kills at the sound of any sound was a suggestion embraced by viewers, who packed theaters both times to watch the films in as much silence as possible.

But what are these animals? where are they from Understand what the franchise has already explained about them so far.

Invulnerable aliens?

A Scene from a Quiet Place – Part II (Reproduction / Paramount)

The alien origin of the monsters was confirmed b A Quiet Place – Part II, when the flashback to the first day of everything was shown. As Lee, the father of the family, enters the store, the news tells of a meteor that crashed in a foreign country. Soon after, another hits the United States, and the family witnesses the baseball game they were at.

Apparently, the story of the monsters is that of a ruined house. With no planet to live on, the aliens hitched a ride on a fragment of Earth toward Earth. In an interview with Collider, the director and the hero John Krasinski Better detailed:

“The idea is that if they grew up on a planet with no humans and no light, they didn’t need light, and they only hunted by sound. They also develop a way to protect themselves, which is why they’re bulletproof. It’s also why they survive the explosion of the planet theirs and manage to stay alive in meteorites.”

The solution to survive is water

The monsters also lacked water in their place of origin, at least Not at a level enough to learn to swimAs they prove their incompetence in the matter during the second film, when one of them drowns while trying to chase down the fleeing characters in a boat.

In addition, the family also happened to learn the weak point of the animals: hearing. When they decide to attack, a high frequency sound reveals the aliens’ only vulnerable spot.

Alien from a Quiet Place (Reproduction / Paramount)

The announced spin-off film should tell even more details about the race, as per the title (A quiet place: the first dayor A quiet place: the first dayin free translation) we need to go back to the beginning once more and bring more context to the fictional universe.

The first film of a quiet place Available to stream via Netflix, Star+, Prime Video and a premium subscription Globeplay. The second, only in the last option.

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