A player killed his ex-girlfriend with a hammer and a baseball bat

Italian footballer Giovanni Padovani, 27, is accused of beating his ex-girlfriend, Alessandra. accelerating56, to death with a hammer and baseball bat just weeks after she reported him for stalking.

According to information from the local police published by the Italian broadcaster ‘RepTV’, Padovani would leave his team’s concentration on the eve of the tie in the Italian Cup and fly to Bologna to wait for Alessandra. When she got home, he ambushed her in the lobby of his building.

Mateozzi was on the phone with his sister Stefania, who ended up hearing her screams as she was attacked.

“She got out of the car and started screaming, ‘No Giovanni, no, I’m begging you, help’. I was on the phone. I immediately called the Carabinieri [polícia] which arrived immediately. I live 30 km away. In the end, he beat her to death,” Stefania told Italian broadcaster RepTV.

Watch Witness reports that came to the court of Bologna, Padovani ccontinued to “beat the victim to the point of using a cast iron bench, which was thrown several times” b accelerating.

Alessandra and Giovanni have been a couple for about a year, according to Italian media reports. However, they spent most of their time apart, as she lived in Bologna and he played in Sicily – places more than 1200 kilometers apart.

After they broke up, he allegedly bombarded her with messages and calls. With that, she condemned him for stalking. On previous occasions, Giovanni even sabotaged Alessandra’s car, turned off the meter outside her apartment and tried to climb onto her balcony, residents of the building reported.

“The suspect exerted obsessive control over the victim. He scared her from afar, and asked her many times to send photos and videos of where she was and of the people he was jealous of,” said Giampiero Barilla, a lawyer representing Alessandra’s sister. , when an Italian newspaper ‘Il Masjeru’.

Alessandra was still conscious when doctors arrived at the scene of the attack, but died in hospital from her severe head injuries. Padovani was arrested on suspicion of premeditated murder and is in custody.

Giovanni – a model and former player in the youth ranks of Napoli – played as a defender for ten clubs in Serie C and D of Italian football. Earlier this month, he signed with Italian fourth division side Santaldese from Sicily.

The club where Padaboni worked used its social media to issue a statement condemning all violence and feminicide.

“Sociedade Sancataldese Calcio would like to point out that the footballer Giovanni Padovani has already been expelled from the club last Saturday, August 20, due to his unjustified absence. The law is taking its course,” the note said.

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