A leaked report says the director made Neymar cry

The Spanish newspaper ‘El Mundo’ published an article this afternoon (22) about Neymar’s last days in Barcelona before moving to Paris Saint-Germain. The documents show that the club did everything to keep the Brazilian from leaving the team.

According to the publication of the car, the board of directors of Barca organized a crisis cabinet to convince the player to stay with the Catalan team. The person responsible for the talks with Nye and his father was Raul Sanlehi, the director of football at the time.

“I’ve been with this man for hours and I think I know him well enough to know when he’s bluffing and when he’s telling the truth. In this case I’m absolutely convinced, he showed me, that he’s on our side,” said a senior Barcelona official. and completed:

“I told everyone separately that the problem in this case is the player’s head. The boy is in a bad situation, he has a lot of personal problems, he is very confused and very vulnerable. So he mistakenly thought that by running away from Barcelona he would also run away from his problems. [quando na verdade o que ele deveria fazer é enfrentá-los e não ir embora]. I spoke to him directly, several times, I made him cry more than once, and he admitted to me more than once that he was lost.”

Sanlihi explained that the player’s father was furious with Barcelona for leaking the player’s signing bonus, which was 64.4 million euros, and that Barca had paralyzed him.

“I don’t trust you, you betrayed me several times,” he said and demanded immediate payment of the said prize, which Barcelona did not do, and that was when Neymar left the club.

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