A hot-tempered baseball star breaks his hand in a strange incident. Watch the video! – Mona

Zak Plasak injured his hand in a strange incident (photo: reproduction twitter)

It’s hard to judge people, especially when we talk about sports and most of all, sports are not that popular here in Brazil. But even if we take into account the competitiveness and desire to win of some athletes, it’s still hard to understand what Cleveland Guardians pitcher Zach Plasak was trying to do that led to his hand injury.

The 27-year-old signed his passport to the medical department after hitting with all the will in the world the mound of dirt where he was positioned to perform his shots. Manager Terry Francona told reporters that Plasak’s right hand was swollen and that the team believed the injury occurred when he got upset while taking a home run by the rival Seattle Mariners.

Zach Plasak (photo: reproduction on Instagram)

Zach Plasak (photo: reproduction on Instagram)

As a result of the ‘fitty’, Plesak will be absent from the field for at least a week, a period that could be even longer. It depends on what the team doctor, the specialist dr. Thomas Graham, will say after conducting more thorough tests of the athlete’s hand. According to the New York Post, the pitcher broke his arm.

And if being hurt in this way (see the video at the end of the text) seems absurd, know that for Zach nothing is impossible. Last May he broke his right thumb and tore his shirt after a tough game and tried to take it off the chair in the locker room.

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