A fan uses a hot dog as a straw to drink beer

A baseball fan was caught using a hot dog as a straw to drink beer. The strange scene took place during a game between the Yankees and the Mets, held in New York last Monday (22).

“Baseball games have gotten out of hand lately,” the caption of the video shared by the Twitter profile reads. Watch below:

The fact that the anonymous fan still used the plastic straw to make the hot dog straw makes the situation even weirder.

So much so that some viewers made sure to write down how impressed they were by such ingenuity.

“The ability of certain Americans to launch the hot dog into new territories is amazing,” commented one user. “This guy must be a genius,” he concluded.

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“Did he finish the beer and eat the sausage afterwards?” asked Shania, who was quickly answered: “It makes all the difference. Curious minds need to know!”

As a Yankees fan, the resourceful youngster left the stadium even more satisfied as his team beat their rivals 4-2.

A fact that didn’t go unnoticed by the cheerleaders: “Here’s the genius who just invented hot dog-flavored beer. It’s a sign that the Yankees are going to take it all,” remarked one of the baseball fans.

Speaking of sausage, it’s one of the ingredients that makes Japanese cuisine quite special in Brazil. to check!

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