A Christian boy, blind in one eye, excels at baseball

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A Christian boy, blind in one eye, excels at baseball

Marcela Bastos

Josiah Porter says his performance is because of his faith and his family. Photo: Facebook/Little League

During the Tennessee baseball tournament, a 12-year-old boy was rated as the 4th best player of the season, but the important detail in his highlight is that Porter was declared legally blind in one eye when he was 6. After accidentally hitting the sharp corner of a toolbox that was on a truck in his garage, Josiah Porter had to undergo five surgeries in a year, and despite his partial blindness, he continued his athletic journey. Growing up, he impressed as a relief pitcher. Next, he showed off his skills with the bat.

Today he is considered the chief clerk of the American state of Tennessee. And the boy promises that his performance is the result of his faith and his family. “We can’t talk about Josiah’s story without talking about his faith. He stayed positive. Instead of focusing on the storm or the bad things or what he couldn’t do, he focused on what he could do,” said Josiah’s father, who is also a pastor. Recognizing that God was able to restore sight to their child’s eye, the parents declared that even if he did not, they would continue to worship him. “We trust that God has a plan for him,” they said.

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