A ceremony this Friday, 09/23, to mark the opening of the Server Olympics news

A ceremony this coming Friday, 09/23, to mark the opening of the Server Olympics

09/22/2022 – 18:06

This Friday, September 23, the opening ceremony of the Server Olympics will take place. With the participation of the delegations that will compete in 12 modes, the event will take place in the lobby of the city of Paso, starting at 18:00. Above expectations, the Olympics had more than 1,200 entries.

“We are very happy to promote the Server Olympics this year. It will be a little more than a month of competitions, integration and a lot of joy,” said Secretary of Management and People Development, Elian Jocelyn Ferreira. “It will be a beautiful party from start to finish, with sportsmanship present at all times,” he added.

Also, according to the secretary, a special schedule is being prepared for Friday. “In addition to the delegations, which are the highlight of the event, we will have a musical program that will excite the participants,” he said. There will also be the waving of the flags and the oath of the athlete and the judge.

This year’s Server Olympics has the theme “Sportsmanship: in play and at work” and has 12 methods: futsal, volleyball, basketball, 5 km run, bocce ball, tug of war, chess, checkers, dominoes, truco and ceremonial walk, in addition to the sports cup.

The server olympiad is organized by the people management and development department, in collaboration with sports and leisure.


Another important point in this year’s Olympics is identification with food donations.

Athletes will donate one kilo of non-perishable food at each game. The donation is also part of the score for the athlete’s trophy.

All supplies will be sent to the municipal food bank.

sports cup

In addition to the sports awards, the Esportivo Esportivo Cup will award the teams and supporters who best represent the sporting spirit.

The scoring will take into account the participation of the fans, attendance at the opening and closing of the Olympics, collecting donations for the food bank and penalties.

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